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Based on 286 customer reviews from our shopper community, Safelite’s overall rating is 2.90 out of 5 stars and 62% of reviewers recommend this brand. Detailed ratings are also provided below to help you learn more about this brand. 8% of reviewers consider Safelite overall a good value option, based on a rating of 1.62 from 13 votes. The most common issues with Safelite are around Shipping & Delivery, Return Policy, Customer Service and Price & Quality based on a rating of 2.33, 1.17, 1.31 and 1.50.


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May 13, 2023
"Gave it a 1 star because a 0 was not available"
Gave it a 1 star because a 0 was not available. I took the day off of work, the window was 8:30-1:30 and they never showed up. I called twice and am still waiting for a call back. Customer service is terrible and not helpful or empathetic at all. If my insurance did not cover it, I would not use them but clearly they are the only game in town or pay out of pocket. Terrible.
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May 11, 2023
"Mega, Super, Satisfied …"
My husband & I had a great experience with Gerald from Safelite Auto Glass. He was polite,friendly, understandable. He explained everything step by step. We were blown away with his commitment in giving us the best service possible. Employees like him makes the company worthwhile. We are super satisfied with safelite company. Thank you so much.
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May 09, 2023
"I gave two stars only because after the…"
I gave two stars only because after the second glass that I received there's no cracks in it they did come promptly whenever I contacted them about the first glass that cracked overnight but my problem that I'm having now is that my windshield washers quit working after they did the repairs on the windshield and I have contacted them three times trying to get someone to respond to me and it's like I don't matter now because I could cost them money or whatever to have a tech come out and repair it. They (sprayers) worked perfectly fine before they came
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May 07, 2023
"Windshield replacement does not match original"
How does Safelite stay in business? The windshield they installed on my 2013 Kia Soul does not have the same color shade band as my original, which was dark gray. It is bright blue, which looks very cheap, very 1980ish and most concerning, does not cut the glare at all. It makes it worse! This is a safety issue for me as a Senior driver. I attempted to contact the Safelite store directly by phone, but got a call center representative. The first person I spoke with put me on hold and never came back on the line. The second representative, Renee, advised me there was nothing she could do, that I needed to call my insurance company, State Farm. On the same day of installation, 5/2/23, I also sent an email complaint to Safelite Customer Service. No response. Terrible customer service all the way around. This was my first ever windshield replacement on any vehicle. My expectation was that my windshield would look like my original, including the gray shade band. My car is red and the blue shade band looks horrible. And the blue glare is distracting, ineffective and a safety issue. I have contacted State Farm for a resolution and advised them of their poor service. This needs to be remedied as soon as possible, as I have not been driving my car due to this issue.
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May 07, 2023
"Absolutely horrific experience"
Absolutely horrific experience. I got my windshield replaced in December. Everything was fine, until I got in my car for my morning commute a week ago only to find a 3 foot long crack that seemingly appeared overnight. I made an appointment as soon as I could to get it repaired or replaced with the warranty, since these things don’t happen unless the glass is faulty. Safelite took one look and refused service, claiming that I was at fault for the crack that appeared less than 6 months after they installed it. They told me I should have come sooner. Mind you, they had no appointments available sooner than the one I scheduled.

If I were to have my engine replaced and it failed within 6 months, the mechanic would obviously be at fault. But not safelite! They boast a generous warranty for your glass, but would sooner close their doors forever than actually honor it.

Over all unprofessional and shoddy work. You’d be better off buying factory new glass and getting someone else to replace it. Go somewhere else. Hopefully they won’t treat YOU like a peasant like they did me.
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May 03, 2023
"Was imposible to make an appointment…"
Was imposible to make an appointment through their BOT system. Couldn't talk to a real person. Use All Star Glass. They have real people answering their phones.
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May 03, 2023
"Missed appointment booked thru…"
Missed appointment booked thru progressive, did not call to confirm or reschedule and no information for me to contact them.
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April 30, 2023
"Find ANYBODY Else - Safelite Sucks!"
Trash company let me set up an "available" appointment with a window from 8am-noon the next day. I paid ~500 bucks for them to come out and replace my windshield. I got one email and text confirmation after paying and then no updates after that. At 12:30 I call to see what's going on since they didn't arrive on time and was told since I set the appointment the day before they can't send anyone out. It shouldn't have mattered - their online schedule offered that day and time, confirmed the glass, and had me pay (ultimately for nothing), and then she tries to offer me Monday when I had already explained that I needed a weekend appointment before I have to commute to work again M-F. Also offered an appointment A WEEK LATER and got exasperated when I didn't reply favorably. "It'S oN a WeEkEnD!" Right, a week after I was supposed to have my car worked on with variable temperatures and weather for about 9 hours of commute (at least) that the crack could continue to get worse. She said it would take 3-8 business days for the money to come back. I asked to speak to someone higher; she put me on hold and said they could have it back by Monday. When I asked to speak to someone else she said "There is nobody else." We'll see if my money is back on Monday. If not, I'll be calling these crooks again to have another chat.
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April 28, 2023
"Took my vehicle to Safelite to have a…windshield replaced"
Took my vehicle to Safelite to have a windshield replaced as directed by my insurance company after a rock damaged it.

First visit - the windshield was replaced. A couple parts on my car were broken during the install. Safelite ordered the part to fix it and would install them when they arrived. I also found that at speeds above 50 mph, the wind noise in the car was very loud. Found the window was installed not centered on the car and top was higher than the roof. Safelite assistant manager said they would look at it when the replacement parts are installed.

2nd visit - tech drove the car and said he did not hear the wind noise. I am 2 hours into this visit at this time. I then drove the car with the tech and he agreed there was loud wind noise. An hour later, after agreeing to fix the issue, two techs approached me and said nothing could be done about the noise and my vehicle was repaired and ready to leave. Requested a manager. He taped up the window on the sides and top and asked me to drive it with the tech. He said we will be able to isolate where the noise is coming from. I did. Car was quiet with the tape on it. As we took each piece off the wind noise came back. We isolated where the noise was coming from. They agreed to reinstalled the windshield.

Ready to leave 9 hours after I arrived. After reinstall the noise was reduced by about 75%. The wipers were not installed properly. I removed them myself and installed them correctly. Trim on the inside of the car around the windshield fell off on my way home. Repaired that myself. During these repairs I found two retention clips broken in the front of the vehicle that held trim on. I’ve ordered those myself and will fix it myself as I do not want to return the vehicle to Safelite for repairs.

Not pleased that I had to fight with them just to do their job. Not pleased that each time I took my vehicle to them that they damaged it. I spent 15 hours at Safelite during my two visits. Unfortunately you have to stay and make sure the job is kind of done right.
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April 27, 2023
"I scheduled my first appointment over a…"
I scheduled my first appointment over a month ago, the receptionist put me in the computer for 2 weeks later to arrive at their shop at 8am and they'd install my windshield. I arrived an hr early for them to come outside and tell me it was set up as an all drop off. False mislead me and waisted 3hrs of that morning.

2nd schedule was for them to come to my work to weeks after that, they did and the guy says where's your covered area? I said what, he says the appointment states a covered area, once again the receptionist entered the wrong info and now a month's later I'm still w/o a windshield. I gave 2 chances and a month I will never make this mistake again.
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April 27, 2023
"I want to ask Safelite a question that…"
I want to ask Safelite a question that is outside the parameters of the auto bot’s knowledge and there is no way to speak with a human, which is completely ridiculous to me.
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April 26, 2023
"Safelite has terrible service!"
The manager at the Woodbridge, Va Metro plaza location hung up on me!

Update! I changed score from 1 to 3. I received a call from a Corp. Rep. whom seemed to take my concerns seriously. So I am willing to try them again, it would be a different location. And we shall see what happens...
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April 24, 2023
"STILL WAITING!!!!!!!!!"
My rear glass on my 2022 Chevy 5500HD Shattered on April 4,2023, went to Safelite. April 7,2023 Went to my appointment wrong glass! Setup 3 different appointments, glass still not replaced! Safelite called me stating between April 14-17; they will have the glass! Haven’t heard from them. Had insurance company call, then Tina from Safelite called me stating they will have the glass on April 20,2023; Safelite never called me back with the status of the glass. Almost a full month with Safelite and no success! So, called insurance company and chose another glass company to go to. And that company (ACE) got the glass and confirmed it was the right one. ACE did a great job!
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April 24, 2023
Less than two months ago, the last safelite installer did not install the windshield correctly. Part of the rubber frame surrounding the windhsield was folded under the glass Dash there could've been nobody else except the installer who did that. A single line crack formed from the side frame of the glass heading towards the bottom of the windshield. There was no impact point, and I read through their warranty word by word and this was the classic textbook example of wrong installation.

The tutor Safelite technicians who came out to replace the windshield once again said there was an impact point I took photos and if there was one you would have to see it under a microscope. Plus they're would have been more than one single crack in the glass and it would not have started from the under the rubber lining where it was literally impossible for an impact to occur.

I called up safelite customer care and they said that they have to go with whatever the technician say, and then they called up there supervisor and he said that he would back up whatever the technicians said. They were not willing to look at the photographs that I took that would have proven that it was under warranty.

Why even offer a warranty if it's a complete scam? I will never work with Safelite again.
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April 16, 2023
"I prepaid safelite glass to replace…"
I prepaid safelite glass to replace windshield on a 2002 Dodge caravan. Key was left on dash , 5 feet all around van as requested. Tech came but did no work . Said he could not find key . Key was in plain sight .Also said van had to be taken to body shop to repair rust . There is no rust around windshield . Anyone could have stolen the van . I requested a refund . They want a cancellation fee for doing no work. As is I am prepared to file a lawsuit. Anyone want to start a class action suit ?

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